Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Chicken Pox Diary~

I was suffered by Varicella Zoster (Chicken Pox) last 2 weeks.
As a doctor-to-be I feel ashamed, because I should have recognize the disease earlier. Instead, when I saw the first vesicle on my left arm, though I suspect chicken pox, but I hope is not chicken pox, and I thought impossible it is chicken pox because there is no people suffered from chicken pox in my hostel!
Until the second vesicle appeared after 2 days on my other arm, I start to feel scared. So I ask roomate to have a look...
Christie: "What do u think?"
Shu Yu: " Errrrr...looks like chicken pox ler..ur trunk got vesicles or not?"
Christie: " No la...none of I notice of...*flip my shirt and see* OH MY GOODNESS....~~"
There are rashes over my trunk, that I don't even notice!!!! Haih..

I really don't feel wanna go to hospital, but I stay in hostel, due to Russian Epidemiological indication, I need to be quarantined.
So I pack my bag, call up ambulance, hand myself in....to the scary "prison" of Infectious Hospital No.2

When I arrived there already 11pm. The doctor took history and also did physical examination on me. She took around one hour to finish. Then I was ask to follow the nurse to another building!!! I was thinking, luckily is summer now, how a sick patient can walk from building to building at 12 midnite in winter??? Crazy~~

I was put in a "BOX" which consist of 2 beds. In the same row, there are 3 boxes including mine, but nobody was admitted except me. I was alone. I was thinking..."Yay!! good!!! is time to concentrate on study! No junk food, no comfy bed!"

(My bed, near the window)
Unfortunately, the next day, came in one little girl, Olia 10 years old who also suffered from chicken pox. On one hand, she is a cute roomate...on the other hand, I can't study!!!
(My little roomate - Olia)

She is cute, not very naughty. But, she saw I have laptop, and she wanted to watch movies. U know...I'm very kind-hearted, what to do?? So I show her Cinderella, Little mermaid, Mr. Beans series, So you think you can dance, and August Rush...during the whole week. I gave her a regime, only can watch during lunch and during dinner.
She kinda sticky girl, she likes to follow me in doing everything. She brush teeth with me, wash hair with me, wash face with me, eat with me, sleep with me!!! Sticky huh? And she saw I have those facial wash, body shampoo and shampoo...she abandoned her sabun!!! She used mine pulak~~>.<"
At night, when I told her I need to study, she will ask me to remove all my books and go to sleep!!! She said she dunwan to sleep unless I sleep...duhhhhh~~ So....basically I didn't really study anything during the whole week stay in the hospital!!!!
The most terrible thing in the hospital is the food!!!! No need extra explain..the photo will tell u everything~~
(Lunch - Potatoes with some "unknown sauce" + two slices of bread + Soup taste like water plus salt)

p/s: I name it "unknown sauce" because I saw some cartilage in the sauce!! Like the sisa-sisa from the meat~
She brought me dinner every nite so that I wont need to eat the hospital food for my dinner...hohohoho~~
(Christie holding her precious dinner in the prison)
p/s: This photo shows the view of how a visitor visits me!!!! Yup...thats rite!! a visitor visit the patient outside through this window!!!
Anyway, it is a quite funny and interesting memory that I had during my last year in Russia. I appreciate it a lot somehow~~
And the most important thing!!!! Thank God I don't have much pox-es on my face!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My birthday~

This year, my birthday was very meaningful... I was baptized...Praise Lord!!

I have my first camera in my life~ Thanks B!

I have bunch of friends who jealous of my weight~~ keke

I also have bunch of friends who thinks I'm malnutritious

And my lovely groupmates who postpone the celebration with Nasi Lemak~~

I'm very happy this year...And this might be the last time I have my birthday in Russia...

When I was in 1st year, I said "Walao...this place!!! OMG~!" (u know what i mean~)

When I was in 2nd year, I said "I feel like I wanna go back...dunwan study already~"

When I was in 3rd year, I said "Russian people are really miserable..I can't understand them!!"

When I was in 4th year, I said "Never mind Never mind~~Soon! Soon! I will leave this place...Just tahan longer~"

When I was in 5th year, I said "YES!!! One more year left...I will never never never come back to this place!!! ITS ENOUGH!!!!!"

And now...6th year....I says...
" I'm gonna miss this place...I will miss the food, miss teachers..miss my friends...miss juniors...miss the church, sisters brothers...miss the park..miss the hostel...and I'm gonna miss Ulitsa Medisinskaya~~"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Reason Why Chrisite Didn't Update Her Blog!!!

There are few reasons that I didn't update my blog recently...
I'm kinda frustrated with my life recently...

(Very Frustrated...Frustrated pose~)

Practical Exam coming soon...
No mood to study still...

(The very-messy table....How can I study with this table??)

Few "stupid cycle at the beginning of semester...whch makes me lagi no mood to study!!!Duh....

And tonite..I wasted >5 hours for this "Faked Autopsy Report" which demanded by my teacher...aiyoyo~~

(The Fake Report that I still can't finish in 5 hours)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Winter Holiday~!

Want to share where I've been and what I did this winter holiday~~
~Went Penthouse with Lavannia and B~

~Went Ikea eat ice-cream~

~Having Steamboat Dinner with friends~

~Chinese New Year Gambling~

~The food in Steamboat Dinner~

~The small elephant that accompany sleep every nite in Volgo~

~ Grand Pizza in Volgograd~

~The mochaccino B ordered for me~

~Brother and Sisters in Volgograd~

~Praise and Worship Practice~

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mum Mum~~

Out of sudden, I want to show-off my cookings...
The cooking from an ordinary medical student who stay in the city of Nizhny Novgorod with limited raw food material...keke~~
Well...here's my creation..ENJOY!

~Spaghetti with cheese~

~Teriyaki Soba~

~Oriental Salad~

~Beef Steak in Black Pepper sauce~

~Nasi Lemak with special recipe~
They are delicious enuff for students!!! Trust me..hehe~~
If interested, I can give you the recipe..=)
Just text me!

Friday, December 26, 2008






Friday, November 14, 2008

Lectures Day

14th Nov, 2008 Friday Mood: So-so~

It is totally a lecture-conference day for me..
Early in the morning woke up and went to the second day of World Diabetes Day conference in Minin Square...

I have to say is interesting to listen this Professor from Moscow talked about the mechanism of increatin defeciency in development of type 2 diabetes melitus..
If one day..I am too free enough..well, I'll consider to post up something about Type 2 DM for my juniors...=)

The second part of my day is devoted to this "Neurology Made Easy" a lecture given by Dr. Erle Lim from NSU...I have to say Bravo!!! but...haaa! there is always a but here..I'm quite sad and disappointed to myself..

Erle Lim said "Neurology is easy..."
while I said "After the lecture you gave, yaaa...it really makes me thinks that neurolgy is much more difficult that I think it is...=.=" "

Erle Lim said "I know you all know about this..I'm not goin to go through.."
while I said "ya..I have no idea about this...I guess I've return all my neurology knowledge t my teacher.."

After whole 2hours of adrenaline surge...I felt suffocated...I have no idea what where am I who am I....Oh my...really need to study harder and harder.. (forget about it..I said this like million times??never work~ *cry*)